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If you’re a Beech Bottom resident, you can install a low-cost cable TV connection or upgrade your current one by calling on the affordable services of Blue Devil Cable. Our outstanding customer service will cater to and resolve all of your cable TV needs.

Budget-friendly cable TV for Beech Bottom

Beech Bottom channel line-up

2 KDKA CBS Pittsburgh

3 WPCB Christian Broadcast

4 WTAE ABC Pittsburgh

5 WTRF CBS Wheeling

6 WTOV NBC Steubenville

8 WPGH IND Pittsburgh

10 WOUB PBS Pittsburgh

11 WPXI NBC Pittsburgh

13 WQED PBS Pittsburgh

16 Spike TV

17 TNT

18 FREFM "family"

19 TBS


21 HBO

22 USA

23 CNN

24 A & E

25 Bravo

26 The Discovery Channel

27 QVC

28 CMT

29 Lifetime

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Our rates:

  • Basic cable (2 through 13) - $8.54

  • Expanded basic (2 through 40) - $20.20

  • HBO (Channel 21) – $11.00

Competitive prices, guaranteed!

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